Also known as our “plant-based plan”, our vegan meals consist of a plant protein, a carb/starch and vegetables, and are designed to work for all types of vegetarians . Our vegan meals are nutritionally balanced, and completely free o f animal by products of any kind. It’s designed for those living a vegan lifestyle, as well as anyone looking to eat a mainly plant-based diet.

*Did you know? On The Run Meals is a completely gluten and dairy free company! All our menu items are suitable for celiac and dairy sensitivities.*


Korean Barbecue

Korean barbecue beefless ground | quinoa | veggie stir fry | green onions | side sriracha hot sauce

cals 420 | protein 20g | carbs 40g | fat 20g

Firecracker Tofu

Grilled tofu tossed in firecracker sauce | rice noodles | seasonal greens | pickled carrots | green onions

cals 406 | protein 16g | carbs 45g | fat 18g

Caribbean Bean Stew

Jerk stew with black beans, carrots, peas & corn | maple glazed sweet potato | green onions

cals 492 | protein 18g | carbs 60g | fat 20g

Falafel Plate

Falafels | brown rice | tahini cabbage coleslaw | side garlic hummus | parsley 

 cals 556 | protein 20g | carbs 65g | fat 24g

Agave Garlic Cauliflower

Grilled cauliflower topped with agave garlic sauce | fried rice with corn, peas & carrots | seasonal greens | green onions 

cals 408 | protein 7g | carbs 50g | fat 20g

Carolina BBQ Mustard Chickpeas

Slow cooked chickpeas tossed in Carolina bbq mustard sauce | buckwheat pilaf with mushrooms, onions & green peas | parsley

cals 492 | protein 18g | carbs 60g | fat 20g


Gnocchi Bolognese

Beefless bolognese sauce | gnocchi | grilled veggies | parsley

cals 492 | protein 18g | carbs 60g | fat 20g

Tofu Pad Thai

Tofu satay tossed in Thai “peanut sauce” | rice noodles | asian slaw | green onions

cals 432 | Protein 18g | Carbs 45g | Fat 20g

BBQ Burger 

BBQ Beyond burger | sweet potato mash| seasonal greens | microgreens

 cals 427 | protein 20g | carbs 35g | fat 23g

Saffron Chickpea Stew

Slow cooked chickpeas in creamy saffron sauce | basmati rice pilaf with carrots, onions and raisins | grilled tomato | parsley 

cals 489 | protein 18g | carbs 60g | fat 17g

Peri Peri Chickpeas 

Peri Peri chickpeas | cheesy garlic potatoes | grilled veggies | peri peri sauce | parsley

cals 498 | protein 15g | carbs 60g | fat 22g

Black Bean “Beef” 

Slow cooked soy strips with black bean sauce | Jasmine rice | mixed veggie stir-fry | green onions

cals 478 | protein 22g | carbs 48g | fat 22g