At OTR Meals, we believe that a well-fed and healthy team can produce the best results.

Hey Corporate World, we get it. You're way too busy to make your employees' lunches or keep the office stocked with snacks. That's the problem we solve. We do the work of planning and preparing healthy, appealing food that gets your team through long days of business meetings and late nights of hard work.

Flexible discounted store credit plans

We offer store credit plans that can be purchased together in bulk for a greater discount. As many or as few of your employees can have access to the funds and order at their convenience.

Order at your convenience 

Order by 9pm Fridays for following Sunday & Wednesday deliveries and let our team do the rest.

How it works

1) Purchase store credit from our website or contact our team for a custom quote.

2) Employees and yourself gain instant access to the store credit for purchases on our website. Remaining credit balances are always available for review and can be topped up.

3) Receive delivery and enjoy! Our team of in-house drivers can deliver all of your teams orders to your business or we can deliver your orders directly to your homes. Whatever works best and is most productive for you and your team!

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