Food Delivery Toronto

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OTR Meals is a food services company that operates within a unique philosophy. Here, at OTR Meals, we believe that being healthy is about more than just the food. We believe in the importance of educating and providing resources, to help members save time and optimize their health. This customizable experience is what sets OTR apart from the rest.

Members are able to feel comfortable about how their food is being sourced, prepared and delivered. Members are also able to create custom weekly plans. This tool makes it easy to create a meal plan, tailored to your needs. Need high or low carbs, protein? Prefer chicken, beef or fish? Whatever your needs are in maintaining or creating a healthy lifestyle, OTR Meals is able to help.


How It Works

1. Choose Plan

Select a pre-set meal plan
or customize your own.

2. Free Delivery

Your meals will be delivered on
Sunday and Wednesday.
from 4-9:30pm

3. Heat & Eat

All our meals are individually
packaged and ready to
be enjoyed by you!


We can deliver outside this radius for additional delivery rates. The rates are displayed before you