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We are passionate about the meals we create and the people who prepare them. Galin Djagarov founded On The Run Meals. Rather than sacrificing nutrition for time, he believes that healthy food should be convenient for everyone. As a result, he founded On The Run Meals in 2014.

Our Executive chef Sasha Kiselman was trained at George Brown Colleges' culinary school. She moved from the world of fine dining to create highly nutritious food that's accessible to many.

We believe that our success is rooted in the people who passionately make every day about preparing the best possible food for our members – something a factory line can’t produce.

That's why we hire local talent and produce everything we can by hand, including marinades, juices, and proteins.


Our belief is simple, that good food should be convenient for all, that we should never sacrifice nutrition for time. Our entire team embraces this vision and hold nutrition close to their hearts.

We hire local, positive, values driven employees that believe in the value of being part of a collective family. A team thats diverse, positive, and unique. Our team is inclusive and united by a love for good food. We also believe that the world is ultimately our community, and hire employees of many cultures & backgrounds.

We believe that we have a collective responsibility to do our best and have best practises to protect the environment and minimize our foot print.   

We are committed & passionate with sustainability. We strive to create products and cultivate an environment that is accountable each and every step of the way. We embrace sustainability in all things we do and continuously look for ways to improve.


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