Are you considering Keto?

Numerous friends and members of the OTR community have reached out to me throughout the year to find out more about the different types of Ketogenic diets.

I've decided to compile the information below.

There are four different types of keto diets that I'm aware of that are effective for weight loss, burning fat, and stabilizing blood sugar. 

If you aren't sure which is the best keto diet for you, take a moment to learn about what makes each one different.


The Standard Ketogenic Diet:

It is known to burn fat and improve insulin resistance.

The standard keto diet is low in carbs but high in fat.  

Recommended Guidelines:

  • Keep carbohydrates to 5% of total calories;
  • Allow your healthy fat intake to reach 70-75% of total calories;
  • Protein consumption should be around 20-35% of total calories.


The High Protein Ketogenic Diet:

This particular keto diet is excellent for building muscle, making it the right choice for bodybuilders and weightlifters.

Recommended Guidelines:

  • Reduce fat intake to 60% of total calories, which will force your body to burn fat.
  • Increase protein consumption to 35% of total calories, which will encourage muscle growth.


The Cyclical Ketogenic Diet:

This keto diet is another good option for bodybuilders and athletes. It includes a carb-loading phase for 1-2 days of the week and then switches to the standard diet for the rest of the week.  70% of total calories should come from carbohydrates during the carb-loading phase.  


The Targeted Ketogenic Diet:

The targeted keto diet is intended to boost muscle growth, strength, and workout performance.

If you like intense workouts, this might be the right keto diet for you. 

The only difference between this and the standard diet is your consumption of 25-50 grams of net carbs about 30-60 minutes before working out. The carbs in this diet are designed to give you extra energy to complete your workout.  

It's crucial to choose a diet that meets your individual needs. 

When considering which keto diet is right for you, think about your goals, current needs, and diet experience.

Always consult your physician before beginning any nutrition program. This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. 

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