Are You Tired All the Time? 


Everyday life can be demanding. We have work to do, bills to pay, children to take care of, and the list goes on.

Sometimes you feel exhausted, even after eight to ten hours of sleep. You think you've rested enough to become refreshed and rejuvenated, but the feeling of tiredness never seems to go away.

While blaming your hectic routine might be the most obvious thing to do, you should consider underlying conditions. 

We've rounded up some commonly overlooked reasons you could be feeling tired all the time.


Inactive Lifestyle

Regular exercise can unquestionably improve the energy levels in your body.

However, the lack of physical activity will render you feeling tired at all times. 



Depression is a severe condition that influences how we rest, eat, and behave. The signs of depression can persist for longer durations without proper care and management. Widespread symptoms include reduced motivation, fluctuations in sleeping and eating habits, issues with recollection and attention span, along with feelings of inadequacy and dissatisfaction.



The exhaustion induced by anemia is the product of a shortage of red blood cells, which circulate oxygen all around our body. You can feel tired and breathless if you're suffering from anemia. Anemia can be triggered by an iron or vitamin B shortage, blood deficiency, excessive injuries, or a chronic illness. Women of reproductive age are particularly vulnerable to iron-deficiency anemia. 



While our body needs glucose to function correctly, diabetic patients can't utilize glucose properly. 

This raises their blood sugar levels and hinders the proper functioning of the body. Due to insufficient resources to maintain the body, diabetic patients sometimes experience exhaustion.


Chronic fatigue syndrome

This disorder induces intense exhaustion that does not get any better with excessive sleeping. Its origin is uncertain, and there is no particular examination to verify the presence of this condition. Management requires understanding how to survive or adjusting yourself within your functional limits. Daily exercise will also allow you to feel healthier and improve your stamina.


Final Word 

Things are more tiresome on certain days than others. Recognizing average drowsiness from extreme tiredness is critical. With a few lifestyle modifications, chronic fatigue can be resolved in most situations. Consult a physician if you ever feel wiped out despite attempting to control your exhaustion on your own. You could have a neurological issue that requires treatment or some other health problem.

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