Dopamine Detox

How to Dopamine Detox

Do you ever get so stressed that you desire for your brain to have a restart button?

Maybe the solution is easier than you thought.


What is Dopamine Detox?

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays a crucial role in how we feel pleasure.

For example, working out, eating, and even being glued to your phone!

Silicon Valley 's tech executives have taken things a step further by intentionally developing apps that offer us a dopamine surge. 

The dopamine detox movement is designed to combat excess dopamine we regularly receive in this day and age.

The notion of not communicating, reading, and only staying idle indoors for a weekend is not appealing. 

Dopamine is a natural compound that has been in humans since the beginning of time, so we should try to handle it as our ancestors did.  


How to Begin Your Dopamine Detox? 

It would be an understatement to say that everyone is hooked to their screens these days. We scroll on social media apps for hours, post stories, and pictures, see how many people have viewed our story or liked our post. The more views and likes we get, the happier we are. 

It's thought that we have allowed social media and our screens to control dopamine production in our bodies. The sort of impacts we receive through social networking and apps are swift and frequent, and we can suggest that you do an electronic detox immediately. As the perfect dopamine detox, seek and offset the time you 'd spend on your computer with fun, slow-release hobbies.

However, if you spend your time watching television or enjoying computer games, avoiding your cell phone may not automatically restrict the dopamine. You could go swimming, walk barefoot in the park, read a book, or eat a healthy meal.

Anything distant from fleeting pleasure can give you dopamine stimulation but in a far better and more efficient fashion than just a like on social media. 

You can take this opportunity to refresh your daily routine or integrate more positive and workout components into an otherwise busy existence; maybe a dopamine detox would also help you make room for a new life goal?


Final Word 

Dopamine is the happy hormone of our body, and it is thought that we have allowed our happiness to be controlled by technology for quite some time now. Our practical method of dopamine detox will be sufficient to help you get your life and joy back on track. 

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