Five Morning Habits for Better Mental Health

We all know the importance of a routine to organize and discipline our lives. Having a well-established morning routine helps us boost our mental and physical health.

If you want to change your life, change your morning habits or rituals. 



Most of us wake up a little bit dehydrated after a long night’s sleep, so rehydrating in the morning can help to improve cognition. Dehydration negatively impacts our cognitive ability, and it is also linked with fatigue, irritability, and confusion. 


Stop Checking Your Phone Immediately After waking Up

Don’t rush to check your phone directly after waking up.

Every time we check our phone, especially after a long period away (night’s sleep), we invite a flood of potential stressors (notifications, news feeds, bills, and payments) into our brain space. Rushing for the phone as a priority can derail your whole morning routine. So it is a better idea to delay its use for a few hours.


Let the Light in and Stretch Your Body

Enlighten your mind and expose yourself to morning sunlight. It increases feelings of artlessness and decreases the morning drowsiness. A morning workout a good stretch or a brisk walk. Any physical activity releases endorphins, which immensely help in reducing stress and anxiety.


Show Gratitude and Mediate

Gratitude is an emotion of thankfulness; numerous researches prove that it increases an individual’s happiness and enhances one’s cerebral well-being. So try to show appreciation for the blessings you have in your life.

Mediation has proven several mental health benefits. Ten to fifteen minutes of daily meditation shows the same stress-relieving effects in the body as taking a trip or enjoying vacations.



After nourishing your soul, it’s time to feed your stomach with a healthy breakfast. A healthy breakfast maintains your blood sugar level and averts crankiness. You have been fasting all night long, and eating something like complex carbs, fat, and protein will not only elevate your sulk but will give you an energy boost to carry through your morning activities.


Final Thoughts 

A morning routine with these healthy rituals can help individuals set themselves up for better mental health throughout the day. Choose morning activities that allow you to work with yourself and bring positive change in your life.

If you find you are dealing with some mental health symptoms/ issues that interfere with your quality of life and daily events, then you must consult a compassionate mental health professional for advice and guidance.

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