Food Inventory Clerk Position

OTR Meals is looking for a food inventory clerk with experience working for foodservice companies, such as a restaurant or catering services, and will monitor cost and quality of food preparation and deliveries. They will communicate with chefs and managers who oversee food service production. Work experience and the ability to use essential software, such as Microsoft Office, are expected of applicants.

Manage Deliveries and Usage

Regularly check orders to ensure that they are getting what they have requested and that the company is being charged properly. 

Ensuring that orders are fulfilling company needs. Performing inventory audits, inventory clerk will ensure that food is not being wasted and have enough products to meet the menus' needs. They will also meet with chefs to discuss portion control.

Prepare Analysis and Reports

The food and inventory clerk will meet with management to present analyses and reports regarding inventory. Inventory clerks will use office software to track the number of foods and beverages ordered and the amounts used. They will show management where money can be saved. We expect ongoing improvement, implementation of new processes, and record progress. Provide financial reports owner or kitchen manager.


Responsible for verifying the accuracy of supply orders. Ensure employees are adhering to internal and external policies and regulations regarding food usage and handling.


Please send your resume and cover letter to:

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