Foods That Boost Your Mood

One way that you can start to boost your mood is by eating the right foods.

Please take a look at each one and try to find a creative way to incorporate them into your diet.



Fish can be a great way to boost your mood. Omega-3 fatty acids are known to promote brain function. 

Aim to have at least two servings of fish like salmon every week. 

If you don’t like fish, you can get Omega-3 fatty acids from a source such as walnuts and cod liver oil.


Leafy Green Veggies

Leafy greens are high in vitamin B folate. This specific vitamin helps control your mood. 



You will find probiotics in foods like greek yogurt, pickled vegetables, sauerkraut, miso, and sourdough. Probiotics help your mood by controlling the bacteria in your gut. Those bacteria help to send signals to the brain. With probiotics, you help to ensure those signals are clear. 


Nibble on Dark Chocolate

Chocolate has been found to trigger the production of mood-boosting endorphins in the brain. To get the most benefits, you are going to need to look for dark chocolate: 70 % cocoa or better.

White chocolate contains no cocoa, so it does not work as a mood booster. Milk chocolate, on the other hand, does provide some benefits but minimal.



All fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and nutrients to boost your mood. 

To get the maximum benefit, mix up your produce intake regularly, and if you can, daily. One way to do this is to make fruit and vegetable cups each day.


Balance Your Nutrients

Beyond picking out specific foods, planning your meals for the day can help you to boost your mood. The goal is to ensure that you get all of the nutrients that you need in every meal. From fiber to vitamins, they all play a role in adequately balancing mood.

Please take into account all of these foods and incorporate them into your diet in one way or another. 

While they won’t cure mental health conditions, they have been found to help regulate them.

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