How Is Stress Affecting Your Digestion?

When we experience stress, we experience a variety of different symptoms. Some of them can be felt, some of them can’t. One of the significant effects stress can have on our body is messing with our digestion. Let’s dive into it.

Stress Tires Us Out

It used to be a common belief that stress was only something that we experienced mentally. Now that we better understand our bodies, we know that stress affects us physically in a variety of ways. One of the ways it does that is by tiring us out.

The more tired our body is, the harder it is for the body to process food. You will notice a similar effect on your body if you force yourself not to sleep.

Stress Affects Our Brain

Stress reduces the brain’s ability to focus on everything in the body, including controlling the digestive system. It does this by reducing blood flow and oxygen to the stomach. As other parts of the body start to receive less oxygen and blood, they too begin to slow down, compounding the issue.

Leading To Other Conditions

As the digestive system starts to slow down, it gets behind and causes a higher chance of developing other conditions. This can include gastroesophageal reflux disease, irritable bowel disease, and irritable bowel syndrome. Any further state that you develop in addition to stress can compound, and you will find that you will feel worse.

Compounding conditions also make it difficult to recover as you then have to focus on more than just one problem. Typically this further feeds the stress. 


Tips To Reduce and Eliminate Stress:

Eliminate the Cause Of the Stress

First, if you can, find and eliminate the cause of stress. This isn’t always possible, but at least look for contributing factors such as toxic relationships, stressful jobs, etc.

Utilize A Stress Toy

Getting a stress toy can be a great way to distract yourself and reduce the amount of stress you experience every day. Try to find one that fits well in your hand but that you can easily keep in your pocket so it can go with you as you need it.

Develop Good Exercise Habits

Increasing your exercise rate can do wonders too. Exercise isn’t just healthy for us, it releases chemicals in our brains that reduce stress. Aim for at least 15 minutes of serious physical activity every day. This will help you to start feeling better and to power your digestive system.

Take Breaks

Often times, too much stress is the result of not having enough time away from intensive tasks. This can include dealing with challenging times at home, having a stressful job, or going through a difficult period in your life. No matter what is causing stress, it is essential to take regular breaks throughout your day to relax. It is even more important to take breaks when you are carrying out a stressful task.

Stress can be very harmful to the body, including the digest system. These tips cannot only help you to reduce stress, but they can also help you to prevent stress in the first place. Take each of these tips and start to implement them in your life.


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