How Plants In Your Space Boost Productivity

How plants in your space boost productivity

Plants can have a magical effect on human productivity in every environment, either workplace or home. By productivity, we mean increased efficiency in activities that include routine work, creativity related tasks, and work that demands intricate knowledge.

 Experts have always mentioned healing, soothing and inspirational aspects of nature. Let's see how Plants in your space boost productivity. 


Every Desk Needs a Plant

Indoor plants tend to relax our fatigued eye muscles as a consequence of long-hour working with screens. Ancient Greek philosophers employed this technique called "peripatetic method." They used to have discussions on their ideas walking through the academy gardens. From this, it becomes evident that a relationship exists between looking and experiencing plants and our cognitive responses.


Air Purifier

Never think that sitting inside a building saves you from pollution. Artificial cooling and heating systems, excessive use of technical equipment, and synthetic furniture have a deteriorating impact on indoor air quality. Poor air quality may lead employees to a condition called "sick building syndrome" with symptoms like itchy eyes, tiredness, headaches, inability to concentrate. Introducing air purifying plants can contribute to improving the quality of air. They do so by performing photosynthesis during the daytime, increasing oxygen to carbon dioxide ratio.


Stress Reduction

Productivity and workplace happiness go hand in hand. Unhappy and stressed workers are always less productive, less focused, and less engaged in their tasks. Studies show that the addition of a simple object of nature (plant) can do a miracle. Imagine yourself gazing out at the sky, moon, ocean, and feeling your stress melting away like ice. Similarly, touch, feel, and smell of a plant at your table may reduce stress levels and induce positive feelings. Color psychologists consider green color as the most soothing shade. Nowadays, various plants like jasmine, Cypress vine, lavender, and chamomile are becoming popular for their therapeutic qualities.


Creativity Booster

Creativity has become an integral and most crucial aspect of every business. Attention restoration theory suggests that looking at nature gives aesthetic pleasure and shifts the brain to a new cognitive level. If you are a student or an employee, a fresh mind enables you to be more innovative and creative. That's why the most successful companies, like Apple and Amazon, incorporate greenery into their office designs.


Impact on Client

The addition of plants makes offices a welcoming place for clients as well. They may feel more comfortable and relaxed, which adds to the business's productivity in the long run.


Noise Pollution

Plants absorb sounds, thus helping to reduce the effect of distracting irrelevant noises in the background.


Plants suitable for Office Environments

Interestingly, as green boosts productivity, a dead plant can adversely affect productivity. So the choice of plants matters. The plants that make good options in the workplace require low light and low maintenance and appropriate size. Snake plant, Rubber tree plant, tillandsia, lilies, and aloe vera, are good choices and readily available throughout the year. 

In short, greenery in your space increases creativity, productivity, concentration span, and rejuvenates yourself and others.

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