How to combat 'Maskne'?

Due to the excessive breakouts being experienced by people, a new term has been coined for the acne caused by wearing masks, and it is now commonly known as 'maskne.' 

Continue reading to learn more about combating this latest dermatological issue. 


  • Always Prioritize Face Washing 

Grime and oil become stuck underneath the mask covering your face, which may trigger breakouts. Nevertheless, wear the mask only after washing your face. Use a soft, scent-free, and oil-based face wash. Wash with tepid water. Do not excessively rub or scrape your face while doing so.


  • Frequent Use of a Hydrating Moisturizer

Select one that is safe, fragrance-free, and independent of oil. Seek safe materials, such as collagen and hyaluronic acid. Ignore strong chemicals that block up the skin and trigger you to break out.


  • Avoid Putting on Makeup 

Don't put on any makeup before wearing a mask. Masks serve as occlusive blockers and can contribute to congested pores and acne. Makeup debris will even dirty up the mask cloth.


  • Wash Your Masks with the Safest Products

Find scent-free cleaning products before cleaning your mask. The scent may be an aggravating factor inside the cloth, and you probably don't want it on your skin.


  • Avoid Wearing the Same Surgical Mask Repeatedly 

Clinical masks aren't intended to be used again since there is no safe method to disinfect them. The department of health suggests to the population to say no operating masks. 


  • Ear Protection

Elastic band chords on the rear of your ears will trigger traction wounds. If the skin is fragile, substitutes exist. There are clips that may be connected to tabs on a bandana or a loop around the head.


  • Always Use Mild Products 

Diagnosed drugs, such as retinol or benzaldehyde, under a mask, are much more unpleasant. Once you wear a mask for a long time, you need to reduce their utilization or avoid using it entirely.


Final Word 

When you are suffering from skin disorders or breakouts and are not reacting to skincare improvements, you must consult a dermatologist. 

Proper skin maintenance regimen will help to reduce skin trauma and breakouts associated with masks.

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