How To Eat For Your Body Type

Instead of dieting, many professionals suggest changing your eating habits to match your body type. 

 By discovering what kind of body type you have, you can establish what foods and nutrients are best for you.

In most cases, body type is broken down into three types: ectomorphic, mesomorphic, and endomorphic. Sometimes these are broken down into sub-types, but that gets very confusing, and following the simple three body type plan is generally okay for most people. 


Ectomorphic Body Type

Generally, a skinny body type with smaller bones. It is how you would expect an endurance runner to look. Those with an ectomorphic body type have a relatively high metabolic rate and can process carbs well.

For those with an ectomorphic body type, it's recommended to consume more carbs and reduce fat. An average meal plan should be just over half carbohydrates, while a quarter of your nutrients should be protein, the rest should be fats.


Mesomorphic Body Type

Mesomorphic body types are those that most other athletes have. The medium bone size and lean mass help give them what we consider an athletic build. Having a mesomorphic body type makes you more likely to build muscles and have a lower body fat level.

A proper diet for those with the mesomorphic body type should be roughly even amongst the three categories. That would leave you at about 40% carbs, 30% protein, and the rest fat. You can play with the exact measurements a little bit, depending on your preference and athletic needs.


Endomorphic Body Type

An endomorphic body type is on the opposite end of the scale from the ectomorph. People with this body type have a large amount of both body mass and fat mass.  

Just because the endomorph has a larger body, doesn't mean they don't have muscle. It just means they also have a high-fat level.

The highest intake for an endomorph should be fat, at about 40%, protein should follow at 35%, and carbohydrates for the rest. It is essential to time the intake of glucose when you have an endomorphic body type. Eating carbs just after exercise will help you to process them better.


Proper Measurements

Everyone is different and will need to find what works for them. Start with the suggested percentages. From there, experiment and find what works best for you to help reach your goals.

These are general diet ideas for each different body type. Besides monitoring the macronutrients you eat, you will also want to track the amount of food you eat. 

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