Low energy? Find and Fix these 5 Elements

Do you feel like you are drained of energy as you go about your day?

A lack of energy is becoming more and more common in a world where there is too much to do and not enough time to do it. Having proper levels of energy to power your day is crucial.

Find these 5 elements and use them to give yourself a boost.

Get More Sleep

The chances are that you aren't getting enough sleep. Most people around the world aren't. At a minimum, you should be getting 7 hours of sleep, with 8 being preferred. If you have to set something aside to get sleep, you should. That sleep will help you power through the next day. It will also help with a large amount of the other aspects that affect your energy level.

Eat A Good Diet

A lot of our energy comes from what we eat. We need to get a balance of all of the nutrients our body needs every day. Get rid of bad fats, increase healthy fats, proteins, and fibers. If you find that you aren't getting all of your vitamins, look for a quality multivitamin to help your energy levels. If time is an issue you can find plenty of options HERE

Not Being Active Enough

Those of us who are always at our desks or in another job where we are continually sitting will find ourselves with reduced energy levels if we don't work to correct or sedentary lifestyle. Make sure that you get moving regularly throughout your day. Try to take a short walk every hour. It's best if you can also fit a workout into your schedule at least three days a week. Being active may make you physically tired, but it helps to improve your long term energy levels and give you a boost of the chemicals in your brain that keeps you awake.

Improper Hydration

A study conducted by Quench found that about 80% of people don't drink enough water daily. A lack of proper hydration will reduce the capabilities of your body. You need to drink at least 90 oz of water a day. If you make an effort to be properly hydrated, you will find that your energy starts to return. Try tracking your water intake with an app such as MyFitnessPal if you find yourself not drinking enough water.

Too Much Stress

Numerous studies have found that too much stress can sap your energy quickly. For those that find it challenging to manage their stress, they should learn new techniques to manage said stress. Learning to say no when asked to do extra work or when doing too many things at one time can also be a significant stress reducer.

Take a look at your daily diet, exercise, sleep, and stress, and evaluate how each aspect of your life is going. A lot of people who feel as if they have low levels of energy will notice that they will fall under at least two of these headers. Improve each aspect, and your energy will start to go up quickly.

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