Morning Routines to Reduce Anxiety

Have you ever experienced the worst moment of being awakened at midnight, struggling to get back to sleep while dreading the day ahead? Adopt the following self-care morning rituals to reduce your stress and keep you elevated throughout the day. 

Early Risers Are the Leaders

"Wake up early and tackle the day before it tackles you"- Evan Carmichael.

Getting up a bit earlier enables you to take control of your day. You can cherish some moments of solitude and leisure. When you wake up in the morning, you have two choices before you; fight or flight. The latter leads to more anxiety, low self-esteem, and a strong feeling of worthlessness. So instead of overthinking and dreading, why not get up and do something that revitalizes your soul and body. You have to figure out what routine would work for you through trial and error. It could be anything like a walk with a companion, a stroll alone in nature, watching the marvels of the rising sun, planning for the day, self-care, and much more. Physical workouts are excellent ways to provide relief in anxiety by releasing serotonin in your body. So do stretching, aerobics, cycling, jogging, or whatever amuses you.

Grab Some Water, Not Gadgets

The first thing you might do is grab your phone, check messages, news, and emails without realizing that you are inviting a band of stressors to attack your brain even when it has not adequately activated itself yet. Instead, hydrate your body first. Water provides your body with the vital ingredient for improved cognitive function, clarity of mind, and emotional balance.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Anxiety manifests itself through various indications like increased heart rate, upset stomach, and quick or shallow breathing. Most of these symptoms are the ones that you cannot control voluntarily except your breathing. So take command of your breathing first, even while lying in bed. Close your eyes, relax your muscles and take slow deep breaths to induce the sensation of mental calmness and physical relaxation.

Mediate Your Anxiety with Meditation

Meditation is an effective remedy to tackle an anxious mind. You don't need to spend sufficient time; a few minutes of mindfulness could be wondrous. It could be daunting for beginners but keep your focus on track; so, start from less and gradually increase your focus. You don't need to burden yourself. Sit in silence. Music lovers can listen to soothing music in the background. Repeat some prayers or mantras. Focus on each body part from head to toe; imagine it healing from all your worries. Think of the pleasurable things that are the source of motivation for your day ahead. Think of your ambitions, dreams, aspirations, and inspirations.

Enjoy a Hearty Breakfast

No one can deny the significance of food for mood elevation, especially if you are a foodie. Your physical needs are as crucial as your spiritual needs. Skipping breakfast does havoc to your mental and physical energy level. A hungry body is more prone to anxiety and frustrations. Treat yourself to a hearty and healthy breakfast, including healthy fats, fibers, carbs, and proteins. Try innovative breakfast ideas. You are bored of a healthy routine, no harm in making combinations occasionally that satisfy your cravings and please your taste buds.

Final Verdict

Life is a precious gift. Life is challenging too. Real success lies in not letting the challenges overcome the pleasures in life. Creating a productive morning routine would enable you to achieve this balance through simple habits and transform you from an anxious person to a happy, calm person.

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