Should You Give Plant-Based Burgers A Try?

Should You Give Plant-Based Burgers A Try?

 In North America, the plant-based industry is growing exponentially, indicating a considerable transformation in the way we consume food.

There are various reasons for this.


Plant-Based Burgers Are a Healthier Version of Meat Burgers 

Plant-based burgers offer a healthier alternative to traditional meat burgers, generally high in saturated and trans fat content. Plant-based burgers are rich in essential nutrients, protein, and fiber to provide complete nourishment to your body. 

Plant-based burgers are free of growth hormones, pink slime (an additive found in processed meat), and E.coli (a bacteria found in animal products that may cause abdominal issues.). 

Meat burgers could be heavy on your gut for their slow digestion, whereas plant-based burgers are gentle on your stomach.


Plant-Based Burgers Are Eco-Friendly

The United Nations has encouraged the world population to rely more on plant food sources than animal sources. The consumption of animal products on such a large scale results in greenhouse gas emissions and threatens Mother Nature.

Plant-based burgers use 95% less land, 75% less water, and 87% less greenhouse effect than animal-based burgers. 


Plant-Based Burgers Are Pocket-Friendly Too

Plant-based burgers contain ingredients like pulses, beans, legumes, or tofu, abundantly available almost everywhere. That's why these are more economical than meat burgers. Also, they have low production, maintenance, and delivery costs. So what could be better than saving dollars, health, animals, and earth at one blow?


Plant-Based Burgers Are Amazing Diet Food

Ready to embark on the weight-loss journey while enjoying mouthwatering food! Try veggie burgers with more protein and fewer calories. Generally, people who opt for vegetarian options have lower chances of getting hit by obesity, cholesterol, and fat accumulation in the lower body. 

Due to the increasing popularity of such burgers, brands introduce and experiment with meat replacements like pea protein, beets, and soybean roots. These ingredients render a meaty flavor to the veggie burger by enhancing its taste, quality, and iron content. 


When Should You Not Eat Plant-Based Burgers?

You might not reap the benefits of eating plant-based burgers if they are highly processed with extra sodium, additives, or preservatives. 

In that case, eating an organic meat burger would be a better option. Go organic! It is the best policy when making the right food choices.


Final Words

If you desire to cut down your meat intake, plant-based burgers are tasty and healthy alternatives. 

These are good for your body, budget, and environment. Just make sure that you choose the right product that serves the purpose.

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