The Not So Visible Side Effects of Overeating

Overeating can be a severe problem, and it can be just as hard to stop. We all know the most visible result of overeating is weight gain. Let’s take a look at the different effects you might notice.

Reduced Stamina

No matter how physical you were before you started overeating, you will notice that your stamina will start to reduce. The distances you were once able to run will go down and activities you found easy will gradually become harder. A good portion of the decrease in stamina comes from the fact that your body has to increase its workload significantly when you overeat.

Increased Risk of Cancer

When you are overweight, your body is at risk for several conditions, one of those being certain types of cancers. Bowel cancer, pancreas cancer, gallbladder cancer, and kidney cancer are just several of the diseases that you will become more at risk for.

Develop Other Conditions

Overeating can cause a fair amount of conditions, not just cancer. Heartburn, GERD, acid reflux, and stress. 

Discomfort From Overgrowth

When you overeat, you start to take in more food than your body was designed to hold, which means it needs to store that food somehow. The body does this by forcing the stomach to grow out. When it grows, it doesn’t just require you to buy bigger clothes. Your stomach begins to push on your organs, causing discomfort. Sometimes to extreme levels.

Difficulty Sleeping

First, as you build up a pattern of overeating, your body gets used to ingesting that much food. As you try to sleep, your hunger hormones will start to trigger, trying to tell you it is time to eat, even though it is not.

If you develop gas-related conditions such as GERD, heartburn, or acid reflux as a result of overeating, you will have further difficulty sleeping. These conditions all disturb your sleeping by waking you up, making it harder to breathe at night, and keeping the body running while it should be shutting down to sleep.

Build an Addiction To Eating

Besides the substances that a food or drug contains, you can become addicted to the hormones and chemicals released in the brain. When you overeat, several chemicals are released in the brain, including serotonin. When this happens, you can become addicted to eating.
Science has shown that for some people, overeating can be just as pleasurable as using drugs. It can also cause a lot of damage, just like drugs.

Overeating takes a considerable toll on the body, especially when you overeat. It would be best if you noticed when you are doing so and stop as soon as possible.

Some of the damage done by overeating can be chronic and hard to get rid of, if not impossible. Take these side effects to the heart and use them as motivation to stop overeating.

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